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Script Story Beats

Creative Writing Portfolio

Published by EvaBarnette

Story beats Ordinary World: Puppy Admiral 2.0 is in a medical facility; the room is all white with glass windows. He plays with a chew toy like any average puppy. A nurse is doing a final medical check explaining to him why he is unique. That he was created at the lab utilizing the DNA of a dog that was killed. His owners paid a lot of money for him, and he is expected to do amazing things. Mr. and Mrs. Striker enter. They give a once over in approval and take him home.

 Call to adventure: The three arrive to their home. Gretchen lovingly picks Admiral 2.0 up taking him inside. It is known now what Admiral 2.0’s role is—to replace 1.0.

 Meeting Mentor: Admiral 2.0 meets Jasper the Striker’s cat. Admiral tells Jasper a story about remembers him and that he doesn’t know why he has that memory. Jasper tells Admiral 2.0 that he will help him figure out who he really is.

 Nisha enters the home for her interview to be a dog sitter. She wanders around the sitting room, as Admiral 2.0 enters. Nisha goes down to pet him as the Striker’s enter. They go over Nisha’s role in Admirals growth. She was Admiral 1.0’s original sitter.

 The next day Nisha arrives and greets Admiral 2.0 and gets critiqued by Gretchen.

 First threshold: Nisha takes Admiral 2.0 and Jasper to the back yard. Jasper encourages Admiral to play with her.

 The two go into the kitchen and is confronted by Frankie. The two banter back and forth before coming to an agreement. Nisha makes herself a sandwich and throws a piece of meat to Admiral.

 A few weeks pass and Nisha has started helping Frankie with her responsibilities. Jasper and Admiral talk about how he’s progressed and his uncertainties.

 A few days later Nisha and Admiral 2.0 go to the dog park. There they meet Tim who’s a bioengineer.

 When they get back to the house, they meet a reporter named Erhard. They all go into the house where Admiral 2.0 notices the two flirting and a change in Nisha’s attitude.

 Admiral 2.0 walks around the house with Jasper giving tips, thinking about how he is 1.0 and looking at memories.

 Admiral 2.0 gets a brief memory flash looking at the photo ii. iii. of 1.0 of struggling to sit in place while being photographed.

 Few weeks later Admiral 2.0 and Nisha are by the side of the house when Mrs. Striker comes home. Admiral 2.0 runs by the car and Nisha is criticized by Mrs. Striker for allowing him to do that. Nisha expresses her apologies looking at Admiral 2.0 with distain while Mrs. Striker looks away.

 Days later as Nisha and Erhard “play” in bed Jasper notices the two talking about Admiral.

 Approach to innermost cave: Admiral 2.0 feels as if he is living up to his expectations and might finally be figuring out who he is while Nisha and he are at the park. They run into Tim again.

 Admiral 2.0 laying under the table while Mr. and Mrs. Striker are working. Admiral 2.0 greats each of them making himself comfortable where he can see both. The two mention how he’s coming along great. Admiral 2.0 tells Jasper that he knows who he is.

 Ordeal: A few months later Nisha and Admiral 2.0 are in the backyard when Erhard appears. Admiral 2.0 tries to get Nisha’s attention to play but she ignores him. Admiral 2.0 hears the two talking about how unnatural Admiral is and they should do something. Jasper tells Admiral 2.0 this isn’t good.

 A couple of days later a new dog appears name Fred. Fred explains to Admiral 2.0 how he is taking over for him because Admiral 2.0 is a fake. A replaceable robot. Erhard and Nisha start to make the exchange when Mrs. Striker returns home early.

 Reward: Nisha and Fred go up to her car while Admiral 2.0 is held back by Erhard. Admiral 2.0 can’t hear anything and begins losing all hope. Mrs. Striker calls out for Admiral 2.0 making him break away from Erhard. Mrs. Striker states that Admiral cannot be replaced and that this is her dog. Admiral is happy knowing that he was right, he is the original.

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